Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Thirty-One

December 13-19

We are heading into the holiday season so the tempo changes a bit.  Maceo didn't have improvisational acting but he still had acting class two days this week and had vocal lessons.  He also had troupe which he went to half an hour early so that he could audition for the Christmas Cabaret.  Early in the week he spent time practicing with friends to prepare for the audition for the Christmas Cabaret.  He did get cast in the Christmas show!  Maceo didn't have much in the way of Aladdin rehearsal although he did have some.   

Bishop didn't have history group or science group.  Instead, he spent his time making lots of baklava.  He filled three orders then made more for family and friends, 

Always hamming!

Bishop didn't have a regular scout meeting but, instead, went bowling with his boy scout troop and enjoyed pizza and Christmas cookies.

Can I get a serious picture of this guy?
I'm not certain.
One of the highlights of the week would be Maceo performing "White Christmas" at a country club.  It definitely helped me get into the Christmas spirit and it earned Maceo, unexpectedly, 25 dollars

Bishop and I had a rather deep conversation regarding current events, memes, and logic or the lack thereof.  And I know that both Maceo and Bishop have been listening to lots and lots of podcasts.
Bishop did have pottery this week and he has returned to spending time drawing.  I will have to try to secure some photos of his work.  He also spent the night with some friends and while with them he went to open gymnastics and did some longboarding.  He gave himself a pretty serious ouchie while longboarding.  He will have to give his knee a rest for awhile. 

Maceo finished his week by going to the opening of the new Star Wars movie.  He went with a group of friends to an IMAX/  They waited in line for two hours to insure good seats and were treated to wookie cookies while waiting.  I am trying to secure a photo to share because these cookies were so darn cute.   Maceo and I went to see a production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. as performed by a homeschool theatre group.  We had several friends performing in it.  Afterwards, we went to Five Guys with the friends.  It was a good time!

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