Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Christmas Tradition Continues

With the birth of my first child twenty-six years ago I began to contemplate and develop traditions that I hoped would be sustained over a lifetime and would serve to help bind our family ties.  One of those traditions was to gift the children a Christmas ornament each year.  I try to find an ornament that is representative of them - their personality, their accomplishments or a personal interest.  They are given the ornament at some point before Christmas so that they can be thoroughly enjoyed throughout the season. (Here are the highlights from the years 2011 and 2012).

Although I have had the tree with its red lights up for the last week or so I held off decorating it and gifting any ornaments until I could have the family home in its entirety.  On Christmas Eve-Eve we enjoyed a dinner of Dad's delightful pasta carbonara, tree decorating, and ornament gifting. 
I actually gave each kiddo two ornaments this year as I had dropped the ball last year on getting the ornaments to them.  (The only year they have not opened an ornament.  It was a crazy year.)
The dog was very curious about all of the exciting 'goings ons' in the dining room.

Keegan and Anthony gifted me this amazing trip topper that they got in Old Town in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Bishop was gifted a Denver Broncos ornament and a white water raft ornament to commemorate the rafting trip he took with the scouts this last August.
Christian was gifted a graduation ornament to commemorate his graduation from Excelsior University with his bachelor's degree in political science in December 2014.  And he received this Washington D.C. ornament in honor of his year spent in D.C. at American University working on his master's degree.
I gave Anthony a Cincinnati Bengals ornament (he has very good taste in a favorite NFL team) and an ornament from New Mexico to commemorate his first trip to New Mexico.
Keegan received a Dallas Cowboys ornament and a New York City ornament to commemorate her trip to NYC this last summer.
Maceo was gifted a Gepetto ornament in honor of him starring in My Son Pinocchio Jr. as Gepetto.  He also received a New York City ornament commemorating that trip.

The boys took particular delight, much to Keegan's chagrin, hanging the ornament in rows instead of dispersing them evenly.  I am not sure what that is about but they had a good time and our tree is decorated with joy and love and memories!!!

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