Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our Christmas Eve

After having our traditional Christmas Eve posole  Christian, Keegan, Anthony and I went to Roxie's house to have dinner with her wonderful family before going to a candlelight service.
All of Roxie's grandbabies were overjoyed to see their older cousins and we were delighted by their antics.
Just look at these!

This interchange was particularly sweet.  Ella gave a gift to Keegan and Anthony.  Anthony kept saying "a gift for me? not for her?"
Ella said "yes" which got this response from Keegan.
Anthony let Ella open the gift for them.

She took her responsibility very seriously.

She had made the sweetest ornaments for them.


We then went to a beautiful candlelight service at a church we used to attend routinely.  It was wonderful to see folks we hadn't seen in quite some time.
We took some family photos and there was much orneriness and silliness and fun!
Presenting Samantha and Maddox...

and Sarah and Ella and Kevin and Austin...

and Roxie (aka Grammy) being carried in by Maddox...

and Jennifer, Trinity, Aspen and Logan.

The whole crew...
and three generations.

Here I am with Christian and Keegan...
then we added Anthony...
then just Keegan and Anthony...
and boy can they make some silly faces!!!
It was a silly-filled, I mean joy-filled, Christmas Eve!

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