Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lifestyle of Learning 2015 Edition: Volume Thirty-Two

December 20-26

"Real, natural learning is in the living.  It's in the observing, the questioning, the examining, the pondering, the analyzing, the watching, the reading, the DO-ing, the living, the breathing, the loving, the JOY.  It's in the joy."
-Anne Ohman

So here we go living and learning, breathing and DO-ing, loving and experiencing the joy in the ways that suit us as individuals and as a family.

There has been football, the fantasy variety and such.  And drawing.  And theatre.
Maceo had Aladdin Jr. and Christmas Cabaret rehearsal on Sunday from 4-10.  After spending the night with a friend he returned to the theatre for more rehearsing and the Christmas Cabaret.
Bishop, Herb and I viewed the show.  It was amazing.
Bishop and I went to the after-party. Fun.

I assure you, Maceo is in there somewhere.

Tuesday on has been a whirlwind.  Tuesday morning found Bishop and I at the airport picking up Keegan and, her boyfriend, Anthony.  We had a wonderfully leisurely meal with vigorous conversation then went to the movie theater to view Star Wars which resulted in more great conversation.  That evening, amazingly, Christian surprised us by popping his head through the front door unexpectedly - he wasn't supposed to come home but here he was!!!  Joy!!!

Wednesday we had another leisurely meal accompanied by great conversation.  We are a talkative bunch.  We love life, we are curious, we are opinionated, we are passionate and it shows in our conversations.  The weather was amazing so we went for a walk at the nature center.

 Later we feasted on Dad's pasta carbonara and talked and talked and talked.  We decorated the Christmas tree and shared memories of the ornaments and Christmases past.

Christmas Eve arrived.  There were lots of preparations for the special day.  After eating our traditional Christmas Eve posole Christian, Keegan and I went to Roxie's house then to a Christmas Eve candlelight service while Bishop and Maceo stayed home with Dad.  I am not certain what all they did while we were away but I do know that Bishop has been researching music and exploring unique ways in which sounds are used and manipulated.  We spent the later evening watching football.  This is very important (well, at least for some of us) as our fantasy football league super bowl has begun!

Christmas Day was full of joy and gift giving and way too much food and conversation and games.  Maceo and Bishop used their mini cast iron skillets that were received in their stockings to make brownies. Christian gave gifts that he acquired at a host of embassies that he visited when they had open houses.  He told us about the different countries of the embassies he visited and the gifts were super cool.  Bishop received a book of recipes from Finland from Christian and Keegan gave him a food truck book with recipes.  I know that we are in for some good food soon.  In fact, Bishop has looked through the book already and has picked a couple of recipes to try.  One was a lemon shrimp and, for the life of me, I can't remember the other.

There were many, many conversations about current events, politics, and world views throughout the week.  I am always impressed with how knowledgable and articulate my kiddos are on all of these topics, particularly the younger "unschooled" ones.  Living a vigorous life provides a solid education!

At this present moment the boys, the older and younger alike, sit together in the living room playing Star Wars Battle Front, Keegan is on the road to Cincinnati and I am resting while awaiting the football game that will air this evening.

The living is good!

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