Saturday, February 18, 2017

An Addendum

I may have posted my weekly Lifestyle of Learning post a tad too early.
Rather spontaneously, Bishop and I opted to go to the museum and take a look at their exhibit "Wood-Fired Kiln" featuring the art of Kenneth Baskin, Keith Ekstam, Rick Hirsch, Nina Hole, Jeff Johnston, Scott Meyer, and Priscilla Mouritzen.
So, as an addendum let me share with you a bit of our adventure!


 We were particularly taken with these simple pinch pots - so thin with amazing glazes.

This glaze is cool!

 I really enjoyed all of the conversation with Bishop.  He has definite opinions, particularly about ceramics.
This little bowl in the center was Bishop's favorite!

These were among my favorites!

 The learning continues...always learning and loving it!!!

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