Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume 6

February 5 - 11

Time marches on.
It seems relentless.
I notice this most when our family is experiencing a transition of sorts.
I notice it now.
Christian is returning to South Korea.  I have so enjoyed having him around.  He provides a sort of balance to our family.  He is a catalyst for good.  He will be missed.
Herb's appeal was successful.  He had to return to his last duty station to do the new paperwork as he is now retiring from the Army.

And in the midst of all the change is the routine - theatre, science group, pottery, friends, living, loving, and learning.

We, of course, watched the Super Bowl which, of course, required lots of good food.

Bishop and Dad made bacon jam for the hamburgers.
I made "oreos" and rolo-stuffed nutter buttery cookies.

I set up a drink bar with a recipe for a Shirley Temple and instructions on how to make layered drinks where you place the most dense beverage on the bottom and the least dense on top.  It was fun to figure out which drink options were the most and least dense.

Christian went to a friends house for the latter part of the Super Bowl, as did Bishop.
Bishop spent the night with his friend.
Christian returned to South Korea.

I checked out some really cool and inspirational collage pieces at the Sky Gallery at the airport.

Maceo went to touring company rehearsal (8 hours) and the show goes on the road next week!!!
Maceo went to the gym (3 hours)
Maceo had vocal lessons (.75)
Maceo went to preprofessional acting class.
Maceo had Beauty and the Beast Jr. rehearsal (15 hours)
Maceo went to youth performance troupe and teen players.
Bishop went to science group where they talked about asteroids and such.
Bishop went to pottery lessons and open studio this week for a total of four and a half hours of pottery goodness.
Bishop played D and D.
The boys helped me move some heavy things around as I am doing some house cleaning and home organization.
Maceo had a super cool opportunity.  He and the girl that is playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast Jr.  went to a local radio station and recorded spots for the show.  They were interviewed and that interview will be edited for smaller bits to be aired on the radio during the time leading up to the show.  And speaking of the show, it is nearly sold out - every single performance is nearly sold out and it has a couple more weeks until it even opens.  Amazing!!!

Maceo had Jesus Christ Superstar rehearsal (1 hour)
Maceo and I went out to lunch with some of his cousins.  We had Mexican food including a white queso with green chile in it it. Yum.  But what I loved most was listening to him converse with his cousins who are more than a decade older than him.  I learned that he is a great conversationalist and found him to be so mature (sigh).
Maceo went to see the new Lego Batman movie with his friends.  Afterwards, I drove one of his friends home and was privileged to hear them converse about what qualifies a movie to be rated a 10 out of 10.  Maceo is a critical, analytical viewer of movies and does not let emotion influence his rating beyond the recognition that a movie was effective or ineffective in evoking emotions that it intended to.
Maceo and I conversed about the parental guidance ratings that are given to movies, television shows, music and video games.
Bishop went to a friends house and ended up spending the night.  He walked probably five miles, maybe more, while hanging out with this friend.
Maceo went to see LaLa Land again.

I am thankful for the routine amongst the transitions!

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