Saturday, February 4, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Five

January 29 - February 4

This is going to be one doozy of week.  There is so much going on...let's get started.

I picked Bishop up from a sleep over with the friends that we went to Nakato's with and played games with.  Boy, was he sore, in part from having played football and, in part, from having kicked a heavy bag repeatedly during the sleepover.  He is now considering doing some kickboxing!
Maceo had Beauty and the Beast Jr. rehearsal (7 hours)
He also began Jesus Christ Superstar rehearsals (5 hours)
Christian went on a little road trip to Arkansas.
Bishop had a great physics-related conversation with Dad.  This is truly one of the great things about Dad being home.  His expertise are very different from mine and will contribute greatly to Bishop's education.
Maceo had touring company Seussical rehearsals (7 hours)
Maceo went to the gym (2 1/2 hours)
Bishop went to his culinary internship.  He baked yellow cakes.
He and I watched some Cupcake Wars and brainstormed possible cake combinations using some of the challenges that they presented.
Maceo went to YouthFest rehearsal for five hours.
I made petit fours for the first time.
And I tried my hand at felting bars of soap.
Christian played D and D.
Maceo performed at YouthFest.  Amazing!

The rest of us, including Bishop, watched YouthFest, enjoying all of the talent that was presented.
Bishop, Christian and I went to the MudLounge prior to YouthFest for drinks and sweets.  We had a great chocolate fondue.  I definitely want to try my hand at this at home.
We also viewed an art show at MudLounge.  The art was done by an acquaintance of ours that we had not seen in a LONG time.  Super cool.
Bishop went to science group.  A fellow student who is obsessed with Mars presented the days lesson.  Among other things, he shared with us the plans to colonize Mars and its implications.  Fascinating!
Bishop went to pottery lessons.

Maceo went to pre-professional acting and improvisational acting class.
Maceo went to pre-professional vocal production and music theory.
Bishop learned how to make ghee.
Maceo's teen players group performed at two different locations.  Maceo was the host of the improv group setting up each improv game.

Christian and Maceo played football with Christian's friends.
Christian and Maceo then went out with their respective friends.

Meanwhile, preparations for Super Bowl Sunday have begun!

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