Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Eight

February 19 - 25

Bishop read some of his chemistry book.
Maceo joined a friend at Nakato's to celebrate a friends birthday.
Maceo officially entered tech week on the production of Beauty and the Beast Jr.  (11 1/2 hours)
Bishop had his culinary internship where he made a carrot cake and cream cheese frosting.  This is a first for him.  In fact, I have never even made carrot cake before.
Maceo had a promotional performance for Beauty and the Beast.

Bishop read some more chemistry and I got him the book, "The Chemistry of Alchemy."
Maceo went to troupe and teen players.
Maceo is working his way through all the movies nominated for an Academy Award.
Bishop researched  Mariner 9 for an oral report to be given in science group; however, Bishop got the flu and was unable to attend science group and pottery.  Shucks!
Maceo performed with the school touring company.  He performed twice as Horton and once as the Mayor of Whoville.

Bishop made gingered carrot pickles.
Bishop watched Viceland, including a show called Hate Thy Neighbor which explores various hate groups in America.
And, FINALLY, Beauty and the Beast Jr. has opened!!!

The cast performed in front of an audience six times this week.  Amazing!
The show was amazing!
Maceo was amazing!

It has been a good week!

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