Tuesday, February 14, 2017

So Much Joy!

I find so much joy in watching these amazing performers do their thing.
Fifteen performers hit the road taking their little production of Seussical to local schools.
Yesterday they performed for an elementary school and a homeschool co-op.
Tomorrow they will perform for two more elementary schools.
And this is only the beginning!

Maceo played the role of Horton the Elephant and, oh, how I love this role for him!
His vocals are impeccable and his Horton is so endearing!
He is so expressive and I believe that he is the faithful and kind elephant who saves the Who's and hatches an elephant bird!

I have wings and I can fly
Around the moon and far beyond the sky
You called my name and you set me free
One small voice in the universe
One true friend in the universe.

Ahhh... So. Much. Joy.

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