Saturday, February 18, 2017

Lifestyle of Learning 2017 Edition: Volume Seven

February 12 - 18

Maceo played football with Christian's friends.
Maceo went to the gym for a couple of hours.
Bishop went to scouts where they spent time planning for an upcoming camping trip.
Bishop and I had a great hour-long discussion regarding the tenets of Boy Scouts and what they mean and how they can be applied.
Maceo had Beauty and the Best Jr. rehearsals (15 1/2 hours).  Tech rehearsals have begun and the show will begin next week.  I am soooo excited!
Maceo went to preprofesional acting.
Maceo attended troupe and teen players.
Bishop discussed historic guns with Dad.
We celebrated Valentine's Day!

Bishop went to science group where they talked about comets.  They even "made" a comet.  I wish I had my camera with me because the hands-on activity was quite cool.  To make the comet they combined dry ice and dirt with liquid to form a conglomerate solid.
Bishop went to pottery lessons.
Maceo did some work moving furniture for a local small company who owns rentals.
Maceo's teen players group taught an improv workshop to 57 high school students.
Maceo attended an improv show at our local improv theater.
Maceo traveled to St. Louis to watch Something Rotten! at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

And one of the most exciting things that happened this week is that the touring company that Maceo is a part of has hit the road!

They performed for five different school groups.  One of the schools that they performed at was in a quaint little town 90 minutes away.  The school fed the performers which would be the first time that Maceo has ever has ever been in a public school cafeteria eating a public school lunch.
Although he wasn't overly fond of the lunch he was extremely pleased with the touring experience as a whole!!!

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